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why get your business online

About thirty years ago, during the early stage of the internet boom, internet as a technology invention was far from being a necessity. In fact, to a good number of people then, it wasn’t even an option – people weren’t just attuned to it yet. After all, nobody could have imagine internet would gain mass adoption has it is today – billions of people and businesses cannot literally survive without internet today.

Unsurprisingly, this is also true with the adoption of website in Nigeria. In Nigeria today, the use of website by businesses is fast becoming a necessity. While no one can say with absolute certainty the stage that we are currently at with the adoption of website in Nigeria, yet one thing is certain; we have not yet reached mass adoption. This is good news for smart entrepreneurs.

Given how Coronavirus pandemic has shutdown millions of offline businesses across the world today, the argument in support of the reason why every business needs to be online has shifted from being an option to becoming a necessity.

Suffice to say therefore that if at this point you are still contemplating whether you need to get your business online or not, you probably aren’t prepared to be in business for the long term or position your business to take advantage of the current pandemic to achieve business goals. Because, take it or leave it, website has come to stay and any business that fails to accept this fact will have itself to blame at the end.

But before we go into the business of explaining the reasons why you need to get your business online, it is important we clarify the meaning of being online. To be online means different things depending on the way you are looking at it. It could means owning a website; it could means listing your business on local business directories; it could also means publishing a blog post on a major blog or website platform in the country.  To this end, here are six (6) reasons why you need to get your business online:

why get your business online


In one of Bill Gates’ public speech, he made a declaration that:

“if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen alive, thus, I believe whatever he says is worth listening to.


In the same way food, water, clothes, shelter are basic necessities of life, so also is being online. Today, being online is no longer an option, but a basic necessity to every business. Put differently, in the same way you will die if you don’t eat for two weeks, so also your business will die if you are not online after perhaps two months of inception.


According to data coming from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), close to 80 million Nigerians are internet users. Thus, being online positions your business to leverage effectively on this new growing set of enthusiastic internet users. Also, as the adoption of internet deepens in Nigeria, the more your business is positioned to leverage on the new customer base that comes with it.


Apart from the fact that owning a website makes your business accessible to anyone from any part of the world at any point in time by just a click away, it must also be said that the role of website in the post-Coronavirus world that is upon us cannot be over-emphasized.

It is no longer news that due to the disruption caused by the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, the world has embraced the new normal in form of remote work, virtual office, virtual school, virtual church services, and virtual party, among others. And website plays a critical role in ensuring smooth transition into these new normal.


When your business is online, you gain access to more audience. When you gain access to more audience, you gain access to more customers. And more customers mean more sales.


Perhaps the best thing owning a website will do for your business is to open your business up to global audience and reach. Website defies any geographical limitations and positions your business to be globally competitive and relevant.  

This is exactly what we know how to do best at Go Global Digital Consulting. We help businesses transit from being a local champion to become a global brand with border-less reach.  That’s why we are called Go Global Digital Consulting. We take businesses to the global stage.

Are you interested in getting your business online?


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  1. I definitely need my business online. Nice article

  2. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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